JUNE 2015 PRESIDENT’S MESSAGEimg board SFitzwilliam

ASCE is composed of many parts nationally and in San Diego.  In San Diego we have the general Section, the Younger Member Forum (YMF), two student groups (SDSU and UCSD), the GeoInstitute, the Pipeline Environmental technical group, and the Transportation technical group.  We also have the Imperial Valley Branch and the Life Members as well as many committees.  There is a lot going on with ASCE in San Diego. 

Each part has its own function.  For instance, the technical groups help to promote the technical aspects of a portion of civil engineering, and the YMF helps newly graduated engineers build relationships with their peers.  All these parts help in many ways and have some overlap. 

One of our goals in San Diego is to help these groups work together and coordinate with other organizations such as American Public Works Association (APWA) and the American Concrete Institute (ACI) to promote civil engineering, build relationships, and increase the strength of the civil engineering profession.  A good example of this coordination between organizations is seen with our Imperial Valley Branch.  Our ASCE is actually co-founded with APWA in Imperial County to build a stronger organization with a smaller population in Imperial County.


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