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Our new fiscal year for the ASCE San Diego Section is underway, our new officers for the Board of Directors have been installed, and we are looking forward to our Section’s 100th anniversary in 2015.  All this makes me stop and think about what ASCE means to me, and what do I want to contribute.  Our monthly member’s lunch meetings are great and provide an opportunity to meet with friends and colleagues.  It provides a chance to learn about new engineering projects and opportunities.  However, there is more to ASCE than our monthly meetings.

The ASCE National organization has three main goals for the past several years:  Raise the Bar, Infrastructure Improvements, and Sustainability.  I think we have all heard a lot about these as an organizational goal, but what does this mean to each of us individually and as a Section? These are good goals and should be supported, but what is important to our Section?  In addition, what are our individual goals for ASCE?

Several people have asked me what my goals are for the coming year as Section President, which has prodded me to think about it.  So, for this, my first President’s message, I will let you know my goals and intentions for the coming year.

One of the goals of ASCE for the 100th anniversary celebrations of each Section is to increase the understanding of the general public of what it is that civil engineers do for our society.  This is a focus of mine.  As we look to the celebration activities in 2015, we should try and include our clients, friends, and families in the festivities.  Let them know why we are celebrating 100 years of the design of infrastructure, buildings, and support structures.  Along with letting people know what we do, we should assure them that civil engineers have safety and reliability in mind when they design these facilities and structures.  For their 100th Anniversary celebration, the Atlanta Section put up eight billboards around the city with sayings such as “Have you driven over a bridge today?  Thank a civil engineer.”  I think this is a small way to help the public and our client realize the importance of civil engineering.  We don’t need to do what Atlanta did, but we should strive to increase that knowledge in our own Section.

My other main goal is to help our civil engineer members feel a part of our San Diego Section, whether it is as a Board member, a life member, a committee member, or a general member.  You should feel you have a voice in our Section.

Increasing the understanding of what is a civil engineer and providing a forum for each member to feel involved, are my goals for this coming year. As civil engineering is still a growing field, I am willing to grow my goals and intentions as the needs arise.  I welcome input or comments from all the ASCE San Diego Section members.  Let me know what is important to you for our Section.

Steve Fitzwilliam, G.E., P.E.
President 2014-2015


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