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January 2015 President's Message

Here we are entering 2015, the ASCE San Diego Section Centennial.  I think back on the importance of civil engineering and ASCE at this time.  I, also, think about those that helped me become an engineer.  I think for me, it started with my parents.  Throughout grade school and high school, my dad helped me with my homework and kept me interested in my science classes.  Although not an engineer but a scientist, he took classes in engineering and architecture in college, and expressed to me some of the fascinating aspects of engineering.  Although she only had a rudimentary understanding of engineering at the time, when it came to selecting a major for college, my mom suggested civil engineering, as it involved the classes I enjoyed in school, such as physics and chemistry.

Not everyone has parents that have that influence on them.  However, I bet most of us had at least one teacher in school that drew us to academics.  In high school, I had a math teacher that made math both informative and fun.  I, also, had a high school teacher that made the study of physics and chemistry fun.  I remember one time after a rain storm in chemistry class, the teacher demonstrated the explosive reaction between pure sodium and water.  Sometimes it is just small things that keep you intrigued.

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