This has been an active 100th Anniversary year for the San Diego Section so far.  A lot of time and effort was put in by the Centennial Committee to put on a number of extra events this year, like hosting National Engineers Week (NEW), including the NEW awards dinner.  The Centennial committee has also planned and carried out several engineering tours of civil engineering projects in San Diego to help promote civil engineering in our community.

In June an ASCE Life Member Memoirs book was developed and professionally printed to capture the memories and experiences of the development of civil engineering projects and the civil engineering profession in San Diego.  Many of our local life members participated and are featured in this book available for purchase through the ASCE San Diego Section.  For some of the featured life members in this book, members of our local Younger Member Forum (YMF) interviewed the life members to capture these memories.  I understand from talking with both life members and younger members that this was a rewarding experience for all those involved.  The life members were able to pass on knowledge and the younger members got first hand experience without any pressure.

In September or October of this year, our Centennial Committee expects to finalize the update of “The Journal of San Diego History” documenting the civil engineering development in San Diego.  This will be an update of the previous version of the journal.  The update will include historic San Diego bridges.  This will also be available for purchase through the San Diego Section.

In addition to the hard work of our Centennial Committee, our local YMF and San Diego State University (SDSU) and University of California San Diego (UCSD) student chapter members have helped with our events throughout the year.  As many of you may know, YMF does a great job with the planning and running of our annual co-sponsored ASCE golf tournament for the Section and YMF that is coming up on September 25.  Part of the proceeds from the golf tournament helps raise funds for local scholarships that the Section and YMF offer every year. As I mentioned in my last President’s message, we endeavor to work together with all the groups in the San Diego Section and are committed to building that cooperation going forward. To that end we held our annual planning meeting at SDSU and invited the student chapter members to join us.

The crowning jewel of our centennial celebration will be the Gala on September 12th at the Hotel del Coronado. We will recognize several historic civil engineering projects critical to the development of San Diego.  This event will be a great way to showcase and share our noble profession with our colleagues, clients, and the general public.  There is still space available at the Gala at the time of my writing of this message.  We hope to see many of you there to help us celebrate civil engineering in San Diego. This should be a fun event.  Our President-Elect for ASCE National will be speaking briefly a this event.

Again, this has been a busy year for our local San Diego Section of ASCE.  I would like to thank all of our outgoing Board officers, committee members, and volunteers that helped to develop the memorable events and publications this year.  I would also like to congratulate our newly elected Board officers, who will be installed as new officers at our Gala this month. I hope that everyone will support our new officers in their new roles as they continue to promote civil engineering and advance the profession through educational oppotunities.  I would like to thank our Board for helping me this past year.  There was a lot of work to do, and I learned a great deal from the experience.  Our incoming Section President, Mark Webb, can also use help from the Board and general Section members as he guides our Section next year.

Thank you all for the opportunity.  I will attempt to assist the incoming Board as Past-President over the next year.