Another annual event allows engineering colleges to compete in a variety of contests, one of which is a steel bridge competition, where a team of students erect a bridge within minutes, a bridge they have spent several months designing, fabricating and testing. At our December meeting, we will meet the steel bridge teams from both UCSD and SDSU. The teams will assemble their structures used in last year’s challenge. We will have the opportunity to talk with them, and find out how we can help contribute to their success in this year’s competition. We will see how the students collaborate, support each other, and function as a team to win. Together, with our participation, the students are stronger.

Finally, during December we all find ourselves affected by the events of the season. Each one of us finds different ways to support each other, to find strength in life’s challenges, and to savor the moments that bring us comfort and peace. Despite our differences, when we join together we complement each other, forging a solid bond, much like when the elements of steel combine to form a better result. Whatever your beliefs, I hope you have a safe, healthy, and happy holiday season! Together we make the world stronger.

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